Task 8: Description of format to document

-Hierarchy of Headings (e.g. Heading 1 and Heading 2). Headings now engage the reader. Use of colour for headings.

-Font changed throughout document to ‘Arial’ for clear reading.

-Font size used. Same size font for body of text. Same size font for tables. Same size font for headings etc. Size of font is readable and easy to see throughout.

-Detailed and numbered contents page.

-Page numbers.

-Cover page- Establishes style via font choice and hierarchy of writing size used. Bold and underline used to highlight key information in order for clear reading. Photo and source added,  page boarder added,

-Put the relevant information into tables- clear and formatted correctly. Same size typography, letter fit and style for all. Bold headings used in tables to distinguish heading from main body information.

-Put the relevant information into charts- Same chart type where relevant, same style sizing and format for clarity throughout. Minimized data ink, avoided empty ranges in charts and avoied grid lines where they aren’t needed.

-Use of ‘Bold’ to highlight table and chart headings.

-Use of footers for references.

-Bullet points put in where relevant and same style bullet points flow throughout document.

-Equal spacing between each paragraph.

-Equal spacing between each new section.

-Spell check and grammatical errors fixed.

-Overall consistency throughout