Task 10: view of- The best, most enjoyable, or most useful part of the course

For me, the visual imagery aspect to the course was the most enjoyable part. This included Gestalt, Iconic, Symbolic and Indexical imagery. The use of optical illusions in Gestalt I found really fascinating, when completing the task I found it enjoyable looking for Gestalt in my everyday life and seeing how it can be used in a really creative way, whilst remembering the theory that I had learnt in class to back it up. Iconic, Symbolic and indexical images I found a similar fascination for, when finding real life examples and applying the learned theory from class.

The part of the course that I found least enjoyable was the historical approach to the beginning of the course, I found the pre-history of printing and the evolution of type to be very long winded at time and thus not keeping my attention. Though, I do see how an understanding of the history is an important aspect to the course.


Task 9: Identify special HTML entities

HTML entity name and number for the Ampersand symbol are: & amp ; and & #38 ;

HTML entity name and number for the Copyright symbol are: & copy ; and & #169 ;

HTML entity name and number for the Euro symbol are: & euro ; and & #8364 ;